AZR (Aezora coin)


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AZR Coin Specifications

NameAezora coin
TypePoS + Masternode
Block time1 Minute 

The promise

Travel and holidays are an important factor in today’s world to get away from the daily hamster wheel for at least a few days.

Azzure (AZR) will give coin holders the opportunity to use services and special offers related to holidays and travel more cheaply, more easily, more transparent and sometimes for free.

How it works

By operating AZR Masternodes and/or by writing verified travel reports and experience reports on hotels, holiday residences, car rental companies and tour providers, AZR owners can receive rewards, which can make further trips cheaper and in extreme cases even free of charge.

In some cases it will even be possible to pay services directly with AZR Coins.

Especially in times of Corona everyone realizes how important holidays are for everyone.

We will improve your holiday experience and reduce the holiday costs.

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