DASHD (Dash Diamond)


DASHD masternode hosting Price comparison

Hosting Service Monthly rate
Ihostmn $0.99
MN biz $0.99
Crypos $0.99
Pecunia $0.50
Dextro N/A
Posmn N/A
Zcore N/A

DASHD Coin Important Links

Website dashdiamond.net
Github github.com/Dash-Diamond/DASHD
Explorer explorer.decenomy.net/DASHD/blocks
Discord discord.gg/BkFzPxWCFQ
Bitcointalk bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5173754.0

DASHD Coin Specifications

Name Dash Diamond
Ticker DASHD
Algorithm Quark
Type PoS + Masternode
Block time 1 Minute 


Dash Diamond is a coin that rewards social behavior in the DECENOMY ecosystem.

Every economic system has a profit motive, so does DECENOMY. But in almost all ecosystems social behavior usually comes at a cost, which is fundamentally wrong. If people are socially secure and behave socially in such an economic system, then such an economic system is much more powerful.

We are talking at DECENOMY about a real market economy and not a communist or socialist economic system. But with DECENOMY, we just turn the parameters around: social behavior does not generate costs, but antisocial behavior generates costs. And social behavior generates returns.

And since a market economy is oriented towards costs and returns, social behavior in such a system leads to higher returns. Market-based competition will then force social behavior.


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