Peony coin (PNY)


PNY masternode hosting Price comparison

Hosting Service Monthly rate
Ihostmn $0.99
MN biz $0.65
Crypos $0.99
Pecunia $0.99
Dextro N/A
Posmn $1.20
Zcore $0.99

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PNY Coin Specifications

Name Peony
Ticker PNY
Algorithm Quark
Type PoS + Masternode

Agriculture is an essential part of all of our lives. Unfortunately, the price pressure and highly competitive nature of discounters force farmers to focus on profit maximization, reducing animal welfare, and reducing environmental protections to a minimum. As a result, farms are becoming agricultural factories, animals are being treated as things, and the quality of the products is becoming more and more questionable.

Moreover, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to tell whether agricultural products are produced in an organic and animal-friendly way.

This is exactly what Peony wants to change. Through the Peony Coin, consumers can get farm products directly from farmers. Call it P2P agriculture (Pasture-2-Plate). They can participate in farmland, individual animals, special agriculture services, and assets. As a result, they receive a share of the products produced (fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, wool, etc.). In combination with affiliated coins such as UltraClear, environmentally friendly and sustainable behavior leads to products being obtained at fair prices and the production can be viewed transparently.

You can be part of it from the beginning, participate in the profits of the Peony Coin, and improve your quality of life in the future with high-quality agricultural products.

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